Being a part of the Real Food Revolution doesn’t mean you are vowing to never eat anything delicious or decadent. It does not mean that you cannot have so-called “comfort foods” or ever eat dessert. It just means that you refuse to fall for clever marketing ploys that have you feeding artificially colored cereals to your children or popping an overly processed TV dinner into the microwave. 

  • “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Counting calories is not key…it is counting nutrients that will help us achieve great health! Your body can live without a lot of calories, but it can’t live without a lot of nutrition.
  • Avoid the “white list” – white sugar, white table salt, white flour.
    Opt for honey, maple syrup or coconut sap sugar instead of sugar. 
    Opt for Himalayan sea salt instead of iodized table salt.
    Opt for whole grains and nut flours instead of white flour. 
    You can follow regular recipes that you find online but just swap out the no-no items for the items on this list.
  • Eat a rainbow diet!  There is a good reason that the universe has made the fruits and veggies the colors they are and your body knows exactly why and what to do with them. Avoid artificial colors that confuse your body and block it from processing naturally colored foods. Foods that are green, red, orange and purple should be consumed in abundance as they contain valuable carotenoids.
  • Avoid GMOS (Genetically Modified Organisms)  GMOs are plants and animals created through gene splicing techniques of biotechnology. This experimental process merges DNA from different species creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature. Many studies link the consumption of GMO food with higher risks for a variety of diseases.
  • The key to creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle is preparation. Use your Sunday evenings, if you work during the week, to prepare food in bulk. (If you work on the weekends, reserve another day of the week to be your “Sunday.”) Make a big pot of brown rice – enough to last several days or even the entire week. Make a big pot of lentils, kidney beans, black beans, etc.…or all of the above! Buy fresh veggies, enough for a few days, so you can chop them up quickly and sauté’ them in coconut oil when ready for dinner. Always remember that flavors from garlic and onions go a long way! Add a little salt and pepper, maybe curry or cumin, any fresh herbs you may have, and you are good to go! You can heat up the rice by throwing it into the pan with the veggies to save on dishes. Heat up some beans, too and voila! You have a hearty delicious easy meal. Get a crockpot…the cooking will be done while you are at work or play! Other advice: Hard boil eggs in advance so you can just grab them whenever you want a healthy protein source. Keep seasonal fruits and veggies on hand.

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